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Patty Ang

Sitting, waiting for my turn in Patty's studio, chic women milling about,
I feel a palpable creative pulse reverberating around her luxe walls.
And then I meet with Patty,
and immediately, I get intoxicated with her energy.
Patty is filled with light,
and it spills into everyone she meets.
To me, the word that comes to mind about Patty's own personal style is fluidity.
From her token workshop look, to slipping into a more sensual dress for a casual night out, to an elegant feathered ball frock,
her style is reflective of how she moves; fluid, and always in her element.
As for jewelry, she loves to sprinkle her outfits with classic but sleek pieces. She giddily chooses several individual designs, so that worn collectively,
they make a bigger statement.
In a past conversation, Patty fondly recalls how she considered to take up jewelry design, because she loves diamonds and gems.
But fashion proved to be her métier. 
As our conversation takes us from one topic to another,
each evolves into endless design possibities.
The fluidity of her style transcends to how she's always on the move and how fast she has taken her own brand across borders.
I'm excited to see how it'll take shape in the coming years,
and as I sit finishing this piece,
she jets off to her next destination. 
Photography: Louie Arcilla
Make-up: Ruth Valencia
Hair: Team Mica Fuentes

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