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Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez

It's 8am and Mika emerges from her bedroom, fresh and barefaced.
It took her just a few minutes to get ready, and she apologizes that a lippie is all she can wear, due to a recent eye lasik surgery.
That’s Mika, stunning without even trying.
For her first look, she wears her own French-style polka dot dress in a pretty pumpkin hue; sugar, spice, and everything nice.
She chooses to style it with our Cerca diamond studs and choker, layered with the
rose gold Soleil necklace. She piles on our rose gold Nazar and Cinque bracelets with her own Cartier bangle.
On her fingers - the tri-color Mont rings
and her own Atelier818 Alba ring, a gift from her husband.
For her second look, she goes for a classic black and white outfit with a modern twist (no pun intended). Her black tie-front cropped top is tempered by her relaxed, white eyelet pants. How she keeps her tummy flat after 3 kids is beyond me. 
For a pop of color, she chooses to wear our pastel-hued gemstone Mira sautoir,  Iris mismatched earrings, and Positano rings.
For her third look, Mika glides in, wearing a breezy, all-white ensemble.
It’s quite a challenge to look sexy in loose linen (you run the risk of looking frumpy), but done well, it can sensually accentuate the right curves.
Her ruffled skirt adds a feminine flair to the entire look.
She likes layers for this one - the Pasitea double bar necklace, Trinita ring,
with the Nazar and Rue bangles.
For a dressier occasion, she opts for her shoulder-baring Gupiere lace top,
paired with her white ruffled skirt.
With much of the details on the Venetian lace, she chooses more minimal yet dainty jewelry - our Fiora and Cappadocia earrings, the Vienna ring,
and the Bella tennis bracelet.
The Fiora lariat necklace, as she demonstrates, can be worn in front,
or at the back to add some drama.
I try to distill her style to one word, but upon observing her, I realize that it transcends categories. Her style really comes from being relaxed with herself, being instinctively in touch with her physicality and being comfortable with her imperfections. (insert "virtually non-existent")
And though we girls know that it's really a Herculean task to "wake up like this",
she takes it all in stride and chooses not to overdo it,
waking up just. like. that.
Till the next,
Photography by: Louie Arcilla

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