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Custom cocktail rings that are definitely going to be the toast of the town.

A custom made ring for our client's 11.74-carat pear-shaped blue topaz gemstone. Love how the design turned out, we always love playing with overlapping lines and juxtaposing different geomotrical shapes. Diamonds definitely make this piece heirloom-worthy.




Our client had this beautiful 11-carat aquamarine but didn't quite know what to do with it, so we designed this cocktail ring for her. To heighten the perceived value of the ring and give it a sense of royalty, we designed the setting to cradle the centerstone, with blooms of marquise diamonds carressing the stone.



This is a 2.40carat natural Sri Lankan yellow sapphire that we personally sourced for a client in one of our trips. We set it in white gold with a brilliant cut diamond halo, and added pear-shaped white sapphires as accent side stones.




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