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Glanvill and Gale

Posted on January 26 2018

When we get that first call from a client wanting a ring, time ticks to one of the most life-changing moments. We become first witness to the clarity of eternity, waiting to be professed.
When we hear their love stories, we fall in love as well.
So we want to pay tribute by sharing it to the world.
This is the story of Glanvill and Gale, who have been best friends for a decade before they decided to take their friendship to new heights. 
"I proposed to Gale last Feb 10, 2017.
She was in Bangkok at that time for work, and I was in Manila.
Months before that, I already prepared for the ring. One night, when Gale was sleeping - you know those black soft metal wires you use to wrap around the cords or cables? I slowly wrapped that around Gale's ring finger.
That's how I got her size. Haha.
 Before the date, I went to her house to talk to her parents. I was sweating like crazy even with the AC. But I mustered up enough courage, and luckily they approved. 
After that, I flew right away to Bangkok, checked into her hotel and prepared my set up. I surprised her at dinner by showing up. She was so happy but thought I was just being sweet. 
So I tried acting normal all night until we got to the hotel. When she entered the room, she went straight to the bathroom and didn't even notice my set-up.
I had written a note on a small piece of paper and
placed it in the middle of the bed, with the ring box underneath.
When she stepped out, I tried to begin my speech, which I memorized while in flight. Though I had it all prepared... I couldn't speak. Tears just ran down my face and I wasn't able to deliver my lines how I planned to.
All I could do was hug her real tight and tell her how much I loved her.
 I got down on my knee and said, "Gale Arrian Parocha, will you marry me?"
Even if my proposal didn't turn out as planned,
it was a YES and that's all that matters.
Photography by Team Benitez Photo


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